Offering Fuss Free Waxing in Canberra

Whether you are getting ready for summer or simply love the smooth silky touch of hair free skin, the team at Beautify are here to help. Offering waxing in Canberra, we help men and women achieve the smooth look they are after without the fuss. From full legs to bikini line, chest and stomach to eyebrows, we do it all with quality instruments and waxes that will give flawless results.

Why wax?

While there are many methods of hair removal from shaving and removal creams to laser treatments, our waxing in Canberra offers a range of benefits to men and women that make it an amazing alternative. If you have ever shaved over the bath tub or in the shower, you know all about the pain of getting a nick or cut on your knee, ankle or under your arm. For men, having an abundance of hair can be difficult to tame, by waxing the area and pulling the hair straight from the root, you may benefit from slower growing and finer hair. Fast and convenient, with just one visit you can enjoy smooth, luxurious skin for weeks, not days like shaving.

But won’t it hurt?

For many, one of the only factors that poses an issue is the pain associated with waxing. In our Canberra salon, we use the necessary products and tools to ensure minimal discomfort for our clients. Most are happy to hear that waxing is often an almost pain free experience, as long as it is performed correctly by experienced staff. We take the time to ensure every client receives a quality treatment, and we are happy to offer after care advice to ensure your skin looks luminous and smooth for as long as possible.

If you would like more information on our waxing,
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Full Legs   | $60

Full Legs + Bikini Line   | $70     

Full Legs + G-String   | $80     

Full Legs + Brazilian   | $100  

Brazilian   | $60    

G-String   | $35  

Bikini Line   | $25  

Top ½ Legs   | $35

Bottom ½ Legs   | $30

Full Arm   | $35 

½ Arm   | $27

Under Arm   | $20  

Stomach   | $15

Top Lip   | $12

Chin   | $15 

Lip + Chin + Neck   | $35 

Nose   | $15 

Side Burns  | $15